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Damn damn Noodles

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We specialise in authentic
Damn Damn Noodles. Originally from Sichuan, China. New to Belgium! They are meaty, messy and very tasty. Try them as hot as you dare or just mild

Delivery via Deliveroo and Uber Eats Mon - Sat from 6 pm - 11pm



About Damn Damn

Damn Damn Noodles (担担面, damn damn mian) is one of the most famous of Sichuan street foods, looks simple but requires many different ingredients to accomplish a layered, complex flavor: the chili oil, the meat mixture and sui mi ya cai (pickled vegetables), the sauce, and the noodles/leafy greens. In Sichuan restaurants in China, the Dan Dan noodles are immersed in the thick red broth made with chili oil, with pork on top. The broth can sometimes be too spicy to handle for most people. At Damn Damn noodles we stay true to the authentic Sichuan flavor, with slight moderations for you to enjoy it even if you can’t handle spicy food. You choose the spicy level. The freshly boiled egg noodles are served in a savory, spicy broth topped with crispy pork and peanut flakes. Simply stir everything together with a pair of chopsticks to coat the noodles with a bit of everything and slurp! The numbing, smoky, spicy sauce will surprise your taste buds, leaving you craving for more Dan Dan Noodles.